IPL Quiz Questions

plz note questions may arise from any of the IPL seasons.so beware!

hrithik roshan is still the celebrity ambassador of Mumbai Indians.true or false?

all answers in comments section

identify the JERSEY
IPL jersey quiz

identify the three persons

this is ipl season 1,2,3, or 4?

god and captain had a fight.true or false?

which is the ipl season?1,2,3 or 4?

this picture is real or fake?

This flag is the official flag of mumbai indians...TRUE OR FALSE?

identify the cricketers

who hit this boy?

identify the celebrity

And......the last... toughest one.identify this celebrity

All the best!

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Penelope Cruz Quiz

All the best!

1.her parents named her "Penelope" after the song "Penelope" by Joan Manuel Serrat
true or false?
(the pictures below each quiz are immaterial,)
penelope cruz  studied ballet too much
and as a result her feet would bleed a lot,also as of now,her toes are crooked
true or false?
penelope cruz's looks  are inspired by memoirs of a geisha
true or false

Name penelope cruz 's best friends

penelope cruz   launched a brand for clothing
name please?

How many languages does penelope cruz  speak?

1. true
2. True
3. true
4. Salma hayek,Antonio banderas,Melanie Griffith
5. MNG(mango)(with her sister monica,2007)
6.English italian Spanish French

Leia Mais

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