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Due to popular demand of my earlier posts of Celebrity Quiz, i have written this article
hope you enjoy my quiz
name this soccer player

name this queen

name her

she is from India....she is(hint:married to Zayed Khan)

this old man is

1.David Beckam
2.Deepika Padukone
3.diane kruger
4.Dia Mirza
5.George Clooney

Session 2

1.David Beckam loved "art" the most during school
true or False

2.Deepika Padukone is a badminton Player 
True or false

3.Diane Kruger learned Latin in school for 8 long years
true or false?

4.Dia Mirza is the mother of 2 children
true or false?

5. George Clooney was the 2nd men to appear on "vogue"'s cover
true or false?

answers to session 2
2.True(also see Deepika Padukone Quiz)
5.True,Richard Gere was the 1st
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