The Google Game

There is practically no person who does not use Google if He(or she) uses internet
Here is a Short Game on it
A Simple game.just say true or false
Answers Are given below

Say true or false


1.Google Spends $72 million on employee meals every year

2.Google was originally Called as "backrub"

3.Google looses $110 million through i am feeling lucky

4.Google scans you e-mails(through gmail)

5.At Google,Employees MUST allot 20% of their time to explore whatever ideas that explore them most

6.Google Employees can wear pajamas and super hero costumes to work


1.True,Google is open 251 days a year.approx 10000 employees-3 meals a day.See more Food Facts here
2.True,no one know why
3.True,the button "i'm feeling Lucky™" is hardly used,thought they continue to have it because they think users "wanted it"
4.True,so as to show relevant ads

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