Aamir Khan Quiz

Aamir Khan Quiz

Aamir Khan 1st appeared in a film called "yaadon ki baraat" in the year 1973
true or false?

2.name the film
Did Aamir Khan produce this film?

3.Name Aamir Khan in the film
everyone knows isshan nandkishor avasthi....
hats off to you if can guess it

4.Photoshop rules.
can you tell me whether this picture is true or a mere Photoshop trick?

5.Name the film
also name Aamir Khan in the film

6.Name the film
Name Aamir Khan in the film

7.for those who think who got all answers correct.......
don't be happy.....
here's the toughest one....

Aamir Khan's father belonged to a country named ____?

1.true...it was as a child appearance, his proffesional career began with a the movie "holy" in 1984
2.Lagaan,In 2001 Khan set up a production company known as Aamir Khan Productions.
3.Ram Shankar Nikumbh
4.It is a real picture
5.fanaa,rehan Quadri
6.Sanjay Singhania
7.Tehar,Afghanisan (from wikipeida)

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