Prateik Babbar Quiz

Prateik Babbar Picture Quiz
all misspell the name(including me :p :p)
His name is "Prateik" AND NOT "prateek" or "pratik" or "pratiek"
here is a collection of some Quizzes

Prateik Babbar was born in this year.
true or false?
if yes,name the date


Prateik Babbar contracted Chicken pox during the  shoot of which film/movie

Prateik Babbar was originally offered  saawariya before Ranbir Kapoor.
true or false?


Prateik Babbar will star in a movie called _____ in 2012

5.Prateik Babbar was Genelia's ____in his 1st movie?

6.Prateik Babbar has acted in the Kitkat commercial. true or false?

7. Name Prateik Babbar in the film

1.28 November 1986
2.Dum Maro Dum
4.Ek deewana tha
5.prateik Babbar was genelia's Brother
6.True,Before his 1st film,he acted in commercials
7.Michael Pinto

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