Tv Picture Quiz

Tv Picture Quiz

Which One of them Has more seasons-Indian Idol Or American Idol?

Answer:American Idol

Name the name of the Life line:Which were the other lifelines were introduced at a later stage?

Fifty-Fifty (50:50)
Ask the Audience
Three Wise Men: The contestant asks a sequestered panel chosen by the sponsor which answer they believe is correct.
Double Dip: The contestant can give two answers for a question
Switch the Question
In the German version, an additional lifeline exists, which will be given if the player decides to forfeit the second save haven before the game starts.
  • Ask One of the Audience
  • Jump the Question

this is a Indian Reality show Is copied from Some other country..Name the Name the the original show

answer(scroll down)

All the 3ree pictures Belong to the same niche.... true or false 

answer :true

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