IBPS CWE Exam Tips for Exam

the Number Of People Passing in IBPS is miserable
Out of every 100 students appearing for the exam only 10 students survive to the next level
Here are some quick tips to follow(not only for ibps,but for any/every other exam)

1.By Failing to prepare,You are preparing to fail
2.The magical words are "to Be prepared"
3.The Basics must be clear
4.Make A time-table
5.Make sure that point 4 serves the purpose
6.Study from Day 1
7.Think as if tomorrow is you exam and then study
8.Don't go to the kitchen every now and then to eat something
9.Give yourself a wish"(boon) every time you follow your time table and also punish yourself(don't ask me how) when you don't follow the time table
10.Read these tips every day

If You are a boy,
then while studying think...... that you will get a beautiful Wife....  only if you study(this is not a joke)

If you are a girl
You don't need tips!
Just continue your sincerity and all the best of luck!~

Think Conceptually and have a proper idea what to do

let me test You
Take 2 eggs from 3 eggs what do you have?
the answer you though is 1 egg
but the correct answer is 2 egg(the question is how many eggs YOU have(you took 2 out of 3))
Presence of mind can take you anywhere!

IPBS exams are quality controlled,so make sure you are ready to face the hard mountains
the future is waiting for you!

Work Hard for 4 years,be rich for 40 years  and a good wife
Have fun 4 years,be poor for next 40 years and ?????????

Its now or never
go my friend
break the world!

 ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ (¯`*•.¸~~ All The Best Of Luck ™!!~~¸.•*´¯ ) ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ 

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