iPhone 4S Quiz

1.    How many Units Were sold after 1st 3 days of Launch?
a. 1 million
b  4 million
c. 16 Million
d.  25 million

2.iPhone 4S has a capacity of 128 GB
true or false?

3.Weight/Mass of iPhone 4S is

a.100 grams
b. 140 grams
c. 180 grams
d.  202 grams

4.The Official Website of Apple is Apple.org
true or false?(cheater don't go and check!@)

5.After the release of iPhone 4S Shares of apple fell down(in terms of prices)
true or false

6. Which one is iPhone 3GS and which one is iPhone 4S

7.iPhone 4S has 12 mega pixel camera
true or false

1.4 million
2.62 GB
3.124 Grams
5.True,its rival companies HTC, Samsung,nokia gained prices
6.Bottom is iPhone 4S and upper is iPhone 3GS

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