Royal Wedding Quiz

 `~A Royal Quiz~`
Answers at the end of 6 questions

What is the approximate number of photographs clicked in all by all people in the world

The 1st royal wedding-Charlemagne with Sea Serpent
true or false?
This is a picture of the Boston tea party
what is the approximate number of tea bags consumed by the family in the Royal Wedding

David Beckham attended the Royal Wedding
true or false?

Name all the lady in White~ 
RMT does not believe in Monarchy
true or false

1.  327 million,out of these 327 million 1 in every 6 will be posted to social networking sites
2.  True
3  5.8 million bags,weighing 4000 tons
5.Make a guess in the comments
6.True,they were working on that day,however,they said ,any employee who believes in monarchy can avail a leave

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