Chikni Chameli Quiz

This Quiz on Chikni Chameli is written on 2nd of december 2011,during the pre-release period
More Quizzes and info will be updated as when relevant data is Available

ALong With Chikni Chameli Hrithik roshan and Sanjay dutt both will star in the song
true or false

Name the Song

Farah khan was the choreographer of this song
Who is the choreographer of Chikni Chameli Song?

How many kilos did Katrina kaif loose for being Chikni Chameli

5.In the ORIGINAL agneepath who did an item number?
Hint: New agnnepath:"chikni chameli"
Old :alibaba
And last question
IS this Chikni Chameli?
or yet another fake katrina kaif picture

1.True,both of them will star in Chikni Chameli
2.make a guess in the comments
3. Ganesh Acharya 
4.         3 kilos 
5.Archana Puran Singh
6.Make a guess!

I will post more Questions after the song release

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