Why This Kolaveri Di Quiz Game

Please feel free to commit suicide even if you get a single answer wrong

1. Please translate "why this kolaveri di" in English

2.The song is sung by Dhanush but written by?

3.the official length of the song is?

4.The two languages used are English and?

5.People from IIM have started out studies to find out the popularity
 behind this song.
true or false

6.Kolaveri di was released on 16 November,,,,by 30 november
 how many views did it have on you tube(just make a rough guess)

7.The most downloaded  song on mobile of the year is kolaveri di (2011)
true or false

1.Why This Murderous Rage, Girl
3.4 minutes 8 seconds
4.English and tamil
7.True.The song became the top downloaded song on mobile with 2,10,000 downloads within the first 18 days of release

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