IPCC(Integrated Professional Competence Course) is An Exam Held by The ICAI 2wice a year, November and May
The Number Of People Passing this exam is miserable
Out of every 100 students appearing for the exam only 19 students survive to the next level
Here are some quick tips to follow(not only for IPCC,but for any/every other exam)

1.By Failing to prepare,You are preparing to fail
2.The magical words are "to Be prepared"
3.The Basics must be clear
4.Make A time-table
5.Make sure that point 4 serves the purpose
6.Study from Day 1
7.Think as if tomorrow is you exam and then study
8.Don't go to the kitchen every now and then to eat something
9.Give yourself a wish"(boon) every time you follow your time table and also punish yourself(don't ask me how) when you don't follow the time table
10.Read these tips every day

Accounts Paper 1,Advance Accouting paper 5:
Keep On Practicing
Understand the concept clearly as in exam they will have a chance to question new questions and new variety of questions
When Practicing do in in ROUGH,don't draw particular,debit,credit columns , etc Just write the figures

PLz focus on IDT(indirect taxation) because 2 chapter(Service tax and VAT) Will fetch you  easy 50 marks out of 100

Costing and Fm
If you are good in Maths,this can be an easy hurdle,(easy hurdle).......
Again Practise is the key

Devote Not more than 25 hours to Business laws(Gratuity,Contract,Bonus,Negotiable)
Also do theory questions along woth case laws as you never know what appears in the question paper

No comments
Try developing Interest and by heart

IT and SM

Sentence with complicated words carry more weight age so don't skip such sentences

All the best of super duper luck
Hope these tips will help you go a long way.

If You are a boy,
then while studying think...... that you will get a beautiful Wife....  only if you study(this is not a joke)

If you are a girl
You don't need tips!
Just continue your sincerity and all the best of luck!~

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