New Year Quiz 2011-2012

This Quiz relates to old year 2011 and new year 2012
Well,all are super simple Questions
Solutions are at the end of the 5 questions

1.What is Mr.Obama telling to the world

Name the place

3.In 2011 there were super floods in ____?
This thing was released/launched in the year 2011
A new way has been created to create infinite ___by Shrenuj(a kid)fill in the blanks
What is this?
Who is getting married... tthis is not the question
the question is
When are they getting married?date please!

1.News of Osama bin laden dead been declared
2.tahrir Square
4.Google Plus One
5.Electricity,He is in his beta stages now
6.Anna hazare's Struggle to get the Lokpal bill passes
7.Make a guess in the comments!

THankx a lot

And last but not the least
1.The Worlds' Population crossed 7 billlion  mark on October 31
2.This year July has 5 fridays,5 saturdays,5 sundays
this happens once in 823 years!

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