Pokemon Quiz

I love you Pokemon
i am dead sure to become a Pokemon master in my next birth!
here is a quiz
please fell free to commit suicide twice if you get even a single answer wrong if you are a true pokemon fan!
answers are given at the end
Here we see an evolution chart of cute cute togepi
i love you cute togepi too(and misty you too!)
togepi saw misty 1st and thinks she is her mother
.can you name fill in the evolution chart of togepiiiiiiiiii!!

Brock thank you for cooking food and stealing away my professor jenny and nurse joy
can you fill in the evolution chart
name all the 3 Pokemons

No comments on this Pokemon
prettey simple to guess
Can you tell me/describe the incident which lead to this Pokemon obey ahs's(ash ketchem) orders
Looking at this Pokemon i remember the 1st few episodes of Pokemon
fill in the evolution chart

Name both the pokemons
How did people discover that such pokemon existed?
(a tough one to guess)

Name this pokemon

name this pokemon

3.Charizard,Poliwrath injures him doubting his very survival,ash gives his body warmth to make sure he survives,misty and brock were searching for firewood
5.Mew,Mewtwo,people found their painting on ancient wall paintings 
6.Persian(evolution of meowth!)(team rockets boss who also has a mewtwo has this pokemon)
7.this is steelix(evolved from brock's onix)

Jigglypuff song surprise for you

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