Proverb quiz

here are some of my favorite quotes.
you need to guess the author
i have given hints in the (brackets)
solution are at the end of the 6 proverbs

1.Presence of absence of mind    and
absence of presence of mind      mean the same(potential inventor in field of physics,creating infinite electricity)

why join Navy when you can be a pirate(i use his products daily)

why be a pirate when you can join navy(from India)

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.(hints do not count)

we build too many walls and too few bridges(apple man)

we can fool all people some time,
some people all time,
but not all people all time(us president)

1.Shrenuj Parekh
2.Steve Jobs
3.Anna Hazare
4.Albert Einstein
5Isaac newton
6.Abraham Lincoln

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