Nature Picture Quiz

1.We all know that Mount Everest is the biggest Mountain on earthen Land
here is a picture by a famous artist on his pans to create the world's largest and perhaps the only artificial Mounatin on The blue planet
can you name the country

This is the world biggest mine of diamond
true or false

this is the biggest plane on earth
can you name it

this is the world biggest ____?
no its not the heart of the ocean
What is this picture?

the biggest river on planet earth is the Great amazon.true or false

WHat is this picture?

1.Mountain Berlin,Germany
2.true,Orapa Diamond Mine
3.Antonov An-225
4.Largest Emerald
5.Niagara Falls
6.False,The Great Nile is the biggest
7.niagara falls colorful

Here are some more pictures on Niagara falls as i simple loved it and want it to share it with you all

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