Jan Lokpal Act,2012

If The Jan lokpal bill is passed=======>India will become a super power in giffy

If the Jan Lokpal bill is not passed=====>Again you will work like donkeys all day only to see Jobless   Politicians  become more rich than Arabian Kings
Its now or never

When Petrol Prices Rise,Don't go on the roads and start screaming.........Instead try to Increase Your Income

As Far as Money Matters,it is the unconditional right and duty of a man to earn money for his girl

However,Beyond a certain limit if the petrol price increase,one must most not be unhappy having believed the fact that Government is actually trying to curb prices
However when it is evident that the Government is eating money,one must necessarily come and protest

Petrol was just an example

Did you Know?
India Has Rs.825 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,000 in Swiss Bank(black money)(i cannot write the figure in words,i am weak at counting zero's)

the Jan Lokbal Act,2012 is a sincere effort by innocent people to save thier country(and not merely themselves) from the ugly hands of the evil 

India can Become a Super Power in less than 2 days with Anna Hazare's Version of the Jan Lokpal


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