Klueless 8

if You think that klueless 8 will launch on 12:12:12 on 12/12/2012 you are wrong!
IIM Indore has a fest which is out usually on November and klueless is one of the events.
They cannot postpone the fest just because of klueless(perhaps,xD!)

I am Glad that i am in the hall of fame of klueless 6 as well as klueless 7!!(i also gave a party to my friends as promised by me erstwhile)
I am yet to complete klueless 5.Sadly,badly,hopelessly stuck at one level for 5000 crore years

Some tips how to reach Hall of fame
1.Try try till you succeed
2.Even If you know that this just caN Not be the answer,still.plz try it.....even if it funny
3.Stop guessing url's of next level's
5..Do trial and error,to detect and correct
6.Always go to wikipedia and google
7.look at the source code of the page properly for clickable objects
8.Think the way they think(plz don't ask me how??)
9.Don't spend unreasonable time at one level,take a break and be back with a new fresh brain
10.Don't go to the Klueless forum every time you reach a new level
11.Don't be shy/let your ego go and take help from family.....
11.refer point 1
12.refer point 4

An image of kluless 7

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